Take part in the CodedArena Challenge!

Take part in the CodedArena Challenge!

In our previous article we explained the basic concepts and ideas of our competition, but how can you participate as a school? What could you do as a teacher to take part in CodedArena's academic challenges?

In the first place, if you are a teacher, you should share this idea with your school's management so that they can register the school in the competition. If you would like more information, you can contact us through our CodedArena Challenge web form or sending an email to challenge@codedarena.com without any commitment, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Let the adventure begin!

But, if you are already determined to participate and want to know how, here we explain the process in an easy way, so that you can complete the registration as soon as possible and begin the CodedArena Challenge adventure.

As a school, you should contact the CodedArena team in the email provided above, through one of our sales representatives or using the CodedArena form that you can find in our website, as well as additional information.

The school must provide its data - name, website, country and city - and the details of the person who will be in charge of managing said school - name, surname and email -.

Our team will offer all the information needed to the requesting center, in addition to the price of participating in the CodedArena Challenge and, in addition, will ask for the number of teams that will participate in said championship.

Once these steps have been accomplished, CodedArena will send to the school the login credentials for the user assigned as administrator of the school. That is, the login email and a temporary password, which you can change by clicking on "I have forgotten my password".

This administrator must invite the different mentors that each team has as teachers for their school, entering their email in the "Invite teachers" section.

These mentors will need to follow the invitation link that will be sent to their email and register as a teacher on CodedArena. If, for any reason, you already have an account on the platform, you can log in from the link to become a teacher. Subsequently, the mentors will have to create a classroom for each team they support. It must always be borne in mind that the name of said classroom must be the same as that of the student's team.

These mentors will deliver the classroom link to team members in whatever way they think is most appropriate, for example by sending it by email. And now it is time for the players to assemble in their team's classroom.

Team members have to follow the classroom link and register as a student. If they already have an account in CodedArena, like the teachers, they can log in with their account from the link and, thus, become a student for that classroom.

From that moment on, all team members will be able to access the game, create their character and advance in CodedArena's missions, in order to complete the challenges set by the CodedArena Challenge. We remind you that in each academic challenge the programming concepts and missions needed to complete it are specified.
You can stay informed about everything related to the challenges and much more in this blog, and we remain at your disposal. You can talk to us through our website, social networks or email, we are waiting for you!