And here we are with one of the academic challenges for this phase of the CodedArena Challenge! This week, as we told you in our last article, it will be about biology. More specifically about blood types and their compatibility between groups.

And, to successfully complete this challenge, you will have to write a Python programming code to determine whether the blood of two different people is compatible when one donates blood to the other and vice versa. But be careful! To complete this Academic Challenge successfully you will need knowledge of Dictionaries, Logic, Lists, Iterators and Conditionals acquired when you reach mission 2 of CodedArena's second campaign.

You can download the challenge in .IPYNB format from this link. And, if you have any doubt about how to solve the challenges and how to send them to us in a fast and easy way, we recommend you read our article about the 1st Academic Challenge, related to mathematics.

But don't forget, we still have a long way to go! The next academic challenge will be launched on May 3rd and, so that you can start thinking about it, it will be about Physics. We are moving forward! Best of luck to all of you.