6th Academic Challenge: Physics

6th Academic Challenge: Physics

Here we have the 6th Academic Challenge and, as we said in our previous article, this time we will talk about Physics. What do you think? We will be more specific, don't worry: we will cover the concepts of Speed and Acceleration.

And, to successfully complete this Academic Challenge, you must write a Python programming code that computes the average velocity of a car given its positions over a time interval. Also, you will have to state the time intervals during which the car has been accelerating or braking.

So, how could you solve it in a satisfactory way? You will need advanced knowledge of Logic, Lists, Iterators and Conditionals, acquired by reaching mission 9 of CodedArena's second campaign.

You can download the challenge in .IPYNB format from this link. And, if you have any doubts about solving the challenges or about how to send them to us in a fast and easy way, we recommend that you read our article about the 1st Academic Challenge, related to mathematics.

This is starting to take shape! But there is still a bit more to go, because the next academic challenge will be launched on May 10th and it will deal with the English Language. We are in the final stretch!