4th Academic Challenge: Chemistry

4th Academic Challenge: Chemistry

We are here for the 4th Academic Challenge! This time, as we told you in our last article, it will be about Chemistry, how are you guys doing in this subject? In this case we will talk about moles and atomic weight. A mole is a unit of measurement and the atomic weight is the average of an atom's mass.

This is what the challenge will be about and, in order to complete it, you must write programming code in Python that calculates the molar mass of an ethanol molecule. And then, knowing the grams of molecule we have, calculate the number of moles that we get of that molecule.

So, what do you need to solve this new Academic Challenge successfully? You need knowledge of Logic, Lists, Iterators and Conditionals acquired by reaching mission 28 in CodedArena.

You can download the challenge in .IPYNB format from this link. And, if you have any doubt about how to solve the challenges and how to send it to us in a fast and easy way, we encourage you to read our article about the 1st Academic Challenge, related to mathematics.

But don't forget, it doesn't end here! The next academic challenge will soon be released and, to whet your appetite, it will be about Biology and blood groups, are you ready? We are moving forward!