3rd Academic Challenge: Geology

3rd Academic Challenge: Geology

We are back with our challenges! This time, as we had already announced, it is about Geology, how much do you know about this topic? We hope that you are up to date about rocks and their classification. To complete this challenge, you must write programming code in Python to find out which rock the unknown rock is based on its classification according to its origin.

But don't worry, in this challenge we will give you all the information that you will need so that you can complete it without too many problems.

And, what do you need to be able to solve this new Academic Challenge? You need knowledge of Logic, Lists, Iterators and Conditionals acquired by reaching mission 24 in CodedArena.

You can download the challenge in .IPYNB format from this link. And, if you have any doubt about how to solve the challenges and how to send them to us in a fast and easy way, we encourage you to read our article about the 1st Academic Challenge, related to mathematics.

Keep it in mind teams! The next academic challenge will be launched soon and, to whet your appetite, it will be about Chemistry. Are you ready? We are moving forward!