2nd Academic Challenge: Geography

2nd Academic Challenge: Geography

Welcome to the second round of the Academic Challenges! This time, we tackle the subject of Geography. More specifically, we will talk about population densities, are you ready for it?

To successfully complete this challenge you will have to write programming code to calculate the population density of an unknown country based on its population and surface.

So, what do you need to be able to solve this new Academic Challenge successfully? Python knowledge related to Conditionals, Comparisons, Mathematical Operations and Variables, acquired by reaching mission 13 in CodedArena.

You can download the challenge in .IPYNB format from this link. And, if you have any doubt about how to solve the challenges and how to send it to us in a fast and easy way, we encourage you to read our article about the 1st Academic Challenge, related to mathematics.

Do not forget! The next academic challenge will be launched soon and it will be about Geology. And there is still time to start taking part! What do you think? This is just the beginning!