1st Academic Challenge: Maths

1st Academic Challenge: Maths

The first phase of the CodedArena Challenge begins with the Academic Challenges! They will be published in this blog and you will be able to find them in the CodedArena Challenge category. Our first challenge is related to mathematics, and the concepts covered in this challenge can be acquired by completing mission 7 in CodedArena.

But, how do we start solving this first challenge? Here you can download the 1st Academic Challenge and, throughout this article, we will explain step by step how should you proceed in order to solve it successfully and start this adventure.

As we said, you must download this .IPYNB document and then visit this editor. You must go to the upload section to load the .IPYNB file that we have downloaded previously to the editor.

You should click on "upload" to attach the IPYNB file.

Inside you can edit the Academic Challenge, so you can write the solution code in the programming block. In addition, you will also find any information that you will need to solve it.

When you have solved the challenge, you must click on the file tab and then on download .IPYNB to save a copy of your solved Academic Challenge. Then, you will have to access this link, which will take you to a Google form, where you will have to upload your challenge, attach the name of the team you belong to and the email addresses from your team members and your mentor. These should be the email addresses with which you have registered in CodedArena.

When you have solved the challenge, download the document as shown in the image below.

Teams are only allowed to submit the solution of an Academic Challenge once. When the next challenge is published, the solution for the previous one with an explanation will be sent to all the teams that have submitted the solution. Furthermore, we make it clear that at no time will the solutions of any of the Academic Challenges be made public.

And that's it for the first challenge! In the following weeks we will publish the 2nd Academic Challenge, which will be about Geography. What do you think it might be like? You will soon find out!